An objective comparison and contracting tool of financial products

It allows you to quickly compare the characteristics of products according to current legislation and the same time to negotiate a contract paperlessly. It generates all documentation and saves it in the system.

ZETEO modules


Standalone risk and investment life insurance


Compulsory liability, accident insurance, their combination and supplementary insurance


Household, real estate, civil liability


Rate comparison, creditworthiness calculation and methodology


Consumer loans and unsecured loans from building savings


One-off, repeat trips and annual stays

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ZETEO allways compares only comparable products that match the client´s requirements. The system is connected to the web services of insurance companies, compares insurance parameters and calculates premiums of all insurance companies online in real time.

  • It is able to maintain statistics and create the necessary reports, manage deal from offer to contract and significantly streamline the work of the intermediary.
  • ZETEO provides the user with full support for legislative obligations. It is fully compliant with the requirements of the Insurance Distribution and Reinsurance Act in.2018 force since 1.12.2018, in paritcular the obligation of the intermediary to provide the costumer with a recommendation based on a choice from a sufficient number of insurance products on the market and to create a Record of the meeting.
  • The system fully complies with the requirements of the GDPR data protection directive.

We compare the product parameters of the following financial institutions


ZETEO evaluates the most suitable product based on an assessment of the best insurance and technical parameters of the compared products.

Expert recommendations

Automatic recommendation of suitable insurance parameters according to the entered specification with the possibility of their adjustment by each broker.

Online calculation and contracting

Calculate of quotes and contracting products in real time directly with the insurance company.


Evaluation of the best insurance technical parameters of the compared products and recommendation of the most suitable product.


Individual setting of the number of compared categories, product and institutions, including the client´s business conditions.


Regular updates of products, information, rates, constant technological development.

Responsive design

Availability and comstumization of the app on any device (PC, tablet, phone)


The system is fully compliant with legislative requirements and is continuously updated in relation to their chandes.