Information system for intermediary companies

Contract, client, intermediary and commission management applications for all types of financial product distributors

MAXX modules

Contracts and clients

Contract information management and contract lifecycle, Customer relationship management – CRM


Processing of earned commissions and payment to the sales network according to the established rules

Sales team management

Managing and controlling the organisational structure of intermediaries

Certification Management

Automatic check of compliance with the conditions of licences for the sale of financial products and their renewal

Activity & lead management

Planning activities of a salesperson with a client and their evaluation

Carrer plans

Automatic management of career advancements / descents of salespeople


Aggregation of data from the system, tracking the business performance of the team and individuals


Organisation and administration of educational activities with connection to the allocation of licenses

Document Library

Central structured repository of information and documents according to authorisations


Evaluation of company competitions and automating of the rewards payment

Receivables management

Record and management of trade receivables, payment schedules

News and notifications

Automated distribution of information according to internal rules and policies

Extension for insurance brokers

Brokerage deals

Brokerage contract management, insurance program support and co-insurance

Fleet insurance

Complete records and administration of fleet insurance

Premium collection

Overview of written premium and payments of premium

Claims handling

The process of handling claims on behalf of the client

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MAXX automates and digitises trade management, intermediary and remuneration processes. It is suitable for any distribution model.

The application contains a product catalogue of financial products (regulated and unregulated), enables, among other things, the processing of various commission schemes, automates data exchange processes, monitors the fulfilment of legal obligations of financial product intermediaries and generates automated business reports.

We compare the product parameters of the following financial institutions


Individual choice of modules, variability of their setting and integration into other IT systems.

Data protection and security

User authentication, definition of permission levels and roles, autorisation and monitoring of performed activities.


Rental and operation in a secure data centre without data volume limitaitons.

Online integration

Automatic data exchange with financial institucions.


The system is fully compliant with legislative requirements and is continuously update in relation to their changes.


Regular updates of products, information, rates, constant technological development.

Responsive design

Accessibililty and customisation of the app on any device (PC, tablet, phone).


Definition and individual setting of processes and rules for contract, commission and carre processing.