Personal data management

Comprehensive data protection solutions in accordance with current legislation

Basic functions of the GDPR

Verifies the existence of lawful grounds for processing

Controls the lawfulness of the data processing

Controls the legitimacy of the transfer of data to third parties

Records and resolves requests and complaints from the data subject

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The GDPR module addresses the complex agenda of personal data management according to legal requirements.

It manages the processing of personal data throughout the company, saves costs and recuses compliance risk. The module allows you to control the rules for processing personal data in all information systems of the user and third parties. It eliminates the risk of non-compliance with data contoller obligations and the subsequent imposition of sanctions.

The GDPR module allows the data subject to grant, withdraw and restrict consent to the processing of personal data or to “be forgotten”.

The GDPR module is suitable for companies of any size and can be deployed on any operating system or application in the company. It allows the purposes and reasons for processing personal data to be recorded in one place. It complies with all legal reguirements of the EU Regulation.