A few word about CREASOFT

Our journey takes us from a small company run by two enthusiastic university students and a single costumer to the most important supplier of digital tools, which today are used by more than 50% of the Czech distribution market for financial products.

We have emhasized cor values such as functional innovation and product quality since the very start of our business in 1998. We rely heavily on the deep knowledge and experience of our key people in the industry to create our solutions. We combine these with the latest knowledge and trends in the field of digitalisation and legislative requirements.

CREASOFT has been headed since 2016 by its co-founder Tomáš Síkora, who has been active in the brokerage and insurance market for 30 yeasrs.

In 2021, we expanded our product portfolio with credit comparators,, thanks to the merger with IFA Services, s.r.o, became part of the newly established holding TORKILD, a.s.

History of products

For 25 years, we have specialised mainly in the development of a modular back-end system for business management and development, CRM and the management of traders, brokers and financial advisory companies. In 2016, we were the first on the market to introduce ZETEO´s insurance product feature comparators with the option of online contract negotiations and the digital recording of customer meetings. The current portfolio of our comparators includes a full range of retail products from cars, property, travel and life insurance to mortgages and consumer credit.

” I see the future of the efficient and economically sustainable digital distribution of financial products in the platformisation of services and the interconnection of databases of market participants.”

Tomáš Síkora, CEO


Tomáš Síkora

Chief Executive Officer
  • has been active in the field of financial product intermediation and insurance since 1992
  • for 9 years he managed the Czech Association of Insurance Companies and its subsidiary SUPIN, s.r.o
  • he also worked as an advisor to members of insurance company boards and was chairman of the CNB Financial Market Committee

Jaroslav Síkora

Business Development Manager
  • since 1998 he has been involved in the technical development of software solutions and the difinition of business processes for the distribution of financial products
  • is the co-founder and CEO of CREASOFT

Hynek Svatoš

IT architect & security Manager
  • Chief Development Architect for CREASOFT products
  • in the field of software development for the brokerage market since 1998

Artur Petržilka

Sales Manager
  • has been working in the financial sector since 2008, when he started as an ordinary financial advisor
  • has built several successful companies, including the advisory (VALfin), investment (In Investments) and software (IFA Services) companies
  • from 2020 he will be fully dedicatek to the digital distribution of financial products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to customer relations

Vít Novotný

IT Development Manager
  • 4 years as a programmer at the Generali Insurance company (development of CRM for insurance company clients, development of system for management and settlement of insurance claims)
  • 5 years as a project manager in Geneali holding (management of projects woth more than CZK 50 million)
  • 3 years building and managing IT IFA Services

Jana Prouzová

Operations & Delivery Manager
  • since school, she has been involved in organising and coordinating television programmes and securing their funding
  • 25 years in the media market, dedicated to finding new TV advertising formats, estimating viewership and evaluating effectiveness
  • worked as an expert on creative advertising formats in television at ARBOmedia and MediaOne