We use modern technologies

We develop responsive web applications on the ASP.NET platform

We build our solutions as web applications with responsive design, using modern technologies .NET, C#, HTML, TypeScript and other widely used tools.

During development we monitor trends in the application-development field, and we integrate new technologies that are used by the development community and have demonstrated added value and utility.

We use Microsoft technologies and tools as the technological foundation

NET Framework 4.7.2
.NET core
SQL Server 2016
Visual studio 2019, Azure DevOps

During software development we also use other components and frameworks

Bootstrap 3 a 4
basic-building-block building of responsive web applications
JavaScript framework for localisation of HTML5 forms
Kendo, Knockout
libraries for building of extensive HTML5 user interface
LESS, SCSS, TypeScript
pre-processors for more comfortable generation of CSS and JavaScript code
WebAPI, Swagger
server technologies for simpler building of REST services
JavaScript UI library for generation of web components

Architecture of system

In compliance with functional and non-functional requirements, the system is conceived as a three-tier application with these components (tiers):

Data logic:
DAL tier and data store – SQL server
Application logic:
The actual high-performance core of the system, ensuring all the system functions, including synchronisation with other systems – this component may run on another machine like a database server, or it can be relocated to another machine in order to spread the load and increase the performance of the system. This component also ensures interaction with the other operated systems.
Integration tier:
A set of services ensuring access to the system from other systems and applications, in the form of REST WebAPI. Calls via these services are always protected and there is so-called std. verification and access authorisation here.
Presentation logic:
A web application based on CMS platform, containing both an administration interface for administration of content and the actual forms of application logic created in the form of SPA, i.e., combination of the technologies HTML, TypeScript, Knockout and WebAPI calling. The UI of the system also allows portal integration into third-party applications using SSO techniques, transmission of parameters via URL, etc.