OPTIM – digital record of negotiations, in compliance with legislation

The system records client requirements and fully documents the proposed solution

OPTIM – digital record of negotiations, in compliance with legislation

The software is intended for financial advisors and allows the drafting of a solution and documentation of the entire process for agreeing, amending, and terminating a financial product. It supports distribution processes in the area of insurance, investment, loans, and supplementary pension saving.

Based on the client requirements, OPTIM proposes a solution and automatically checks that it is proportionate and suitable. The output of all negotiations (completed and not completed) is the document Record of negotiations and potentially other documents, if the advisor must create them in the given context (for example, an AML check document).

OPTIM can be integrated into any company portal and is compatible with the MAXX system.

Key properties

It supports all business and legislative processes related to distribution of insurance, investment products, loans, and supplementary pension savings. The distribution process can be managed in its entire course.
It fully complies with the legislative requirements and is updated regularly, in connection with their changes.
It ensures the regular updating of products, information, rates, and constant technological development.
It allows the definition and configuration of documents according to own requirements, including adaptation of graphic appearance.
It is variable, allows individual configuration and integration in the company portals and other IT systems.
Access to data is fully secured, and it also allows locking when the user’s activity ends.

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