Online OFFICE video meetings

Our own virtual office facilitates online communications such as meetings or training between traders and clients

Online OFFICE is designed for communication between traders and clients and within a company. Thanks to the “multicall” functionality, conference calls for up to 50 people can be held.

Online OFFICE is also available as a separate web application or can be integrated into other information systems and expanded to include new functionalities.

Another standard feature is integration with other CreaSoft products. For example, in the ZETEO product, you can easily conclude a contract during an online consultation with a client. You can also hold a sales team meeting in the MAXX product.

Another feature is internet browser support. Online OFFICE works on computers, telephones and other mobile devices. It does not require the installation of any additional software.

Online OFFICE can be used to market a company’s brand or services or sell third-party advertising spaces. Banners can be displayed to both clients and traders.