We have been developing software solutions for modern financial
intermediaries since 1998

Our products increase efficiency, reduce costs
and facilitate the job of financial advisors.

Who we are and why be with us

We are a motivated team of specialists in IT technology, experienced product specialists, analysts, lawyers, and other experts from the financial market with many years of experience. We develop software for brokers, financial intermediaries and other financial products providers. The company is managed (not thorugh hired management but) directly by founders (owners).

We focus exclusively on creating solutions for management and support of financial product sales staff. We have great know-how and many years of experience, and a high-quality development and analytical team.
We develop sophisticated websites comparing product properties, systems for managing transactions and administering distribution networks, and we digitalise the sales processes. Thanks to our systems, it is possible to link information flows between financial institutions, distributors, and their customers.
We constantly monitor the development of legislative rules in financial intermediation and always amend our solutions according to the current legislative and sales needs. We understand what it means for our customers to work according to Czech legislation and European GDPR, MIFID or IDD regulations.


Tomáš Síkora - Company CEO

Tomáš Síkora
Company CEO

  • has worked in the field of financial product intermediation and insurance since 1992
  • for 9 years he ran the Czech Association of Insurers in parallel with its subsidiary company SUPIN, s.r.o.
  • he has also worked as an adviser to members of the boards of directors of insurance companies and was chairman of the Czech National Bank’s Financial Market Committee
Jaroslav Síkora - Head of Sales and Service Support Department

Jaroslav Síkora
Head of Sales and Service Support Department

  • since 1998 he has been contributing to the technical development of SW solutions and defining of business processes for distribution of financial products
  • he is the co-founder of CreaSoft and its registered representative
Hynek Svatoš - Head of IS Development Department

Hynek Svatoš
Head of IS Development Department

  • main development architect for CreaSoft products
  • he has been operating in the field of software development for the intermediation market since 1998
Kateřina Lhotská - Head of Analysis and Financial Products Department

Kateřina Lhotská
Head of Analysis and Financial Products Department

  • she has been operating in the field of insurance and banking since 2002
  • before joining CreaSoft, she worked as an expert in the insurance market in the companies Ernst & Young s.r.o. and Ness s.r.o.
  • she started her career in the financial sector in Komerční pojišťovna, a.s., where she headed the analytical-development team

Organisational diagram

Organisational diagram Creasoft s.r.o.

Our story

  • Hynek and Jarda started to develop MAXX for SLON, s.r.o. – a company for financial planning
  • we founded CreaSoft, s.r.o.
  • first version of ZETEO – insurance product comparison tool
  • we developed another new product OPTIM – financial plan
  • we gained “Microsoft Partner” certification and the first Microsoft certification for the product MAXX
  • fundamental changes to ZETEO
  • we expanded our office and our team
  • we introduced web CMS in all our products
  • more than 20 advisory and intermediation companies were using CreaSoft products
  • we won tenders for the delivery of MAXX and ZETEO for the dealership networks of Škoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Volkswagen Financial Services
  • Tomáš joined the company management
  • Katka joined the team and builds the analytical department
  • year-on-year turnover grew by 55%
  • we got our first foreign customer
  • we moved to new modern premises
  • new generation of ZETEO2 – car insurance
  • the CreaSoft team consisted of 20 colleagues
  • more than 30 significant financial product intermediaries were using our services
  • we had a new ZETEO – property insurance
  • MAXX had a completely new design
  • we created a GDPR module
  • we are technologically connected with 12 insurance companies
  • MAXX has a new legal compliance module for managing financial intermediaries’ certifications
  • more than 30 people are already working on our services and projects